pension Matej


4-room apartment “La Masers”

The apartment is situated in the attic and is tuned to perfection. The rooms provide beautiful views to the nature and coutryside and they are equipped with carved wooden furniture in antique style.

A unique vacuum cleaner, wonderful old gramophone and other accessories emphasize the spirit of the old house.

The apartment is usually used by newlyweds or anyone who likes privacy and wants to enjoy the bright and airy space in the attic.


Triple room “Gentlemen”

The room provides a peaceful view overlooking the garden. It is equipped with antique wooden furniture, including beautiful carved wardrobes and beds.

Located on the ground floor the room is suitable for a mature couple or group of three. The modern equipped bathroom with toilet is across the hall.


2-bedded room “Lovers”

Room overlooking the garden house and playground. It is designed for those who like the closeness of another person in a smaller space. Facilities (toilet, shower) in the room.


4-bedded room “Parta Hic”

Room with a beautyful view into the garden and nature. It’s suitable for a larger crew, whose members are not afraid to sleep together. Modern equipped bathroom in the room, as well as refrigerator.


2-bedded room “Married couple”

The room provides a wonderful view overlooking the garden. It’s suitable for a seasoned pair. Facilities (toilet, shower) across a small hallway. Fridge in the room.


3-bedded room “Family”

Room with a view into the garden and nature. It’s suitable for a three-member family. Facilities (toilet, shower) across a small hallway.

We welcome pets, but not in bed 🙂